About The Game

MyRichFarm, a unique NFT simulation game, a perfect interaction of DeFi & SocialFi. Making friends all around the world while searching for boundless wealth!

All the features in MyRichFarm gathered in one ecosystem. Players could use RCH to construct unique modern farms and enjoy fascinating social experiences in the Fun Zone. Do whatever you like in social community: competing with other players, crafting, trading, and more.


MyRichFarm is a project that brings together three emerging elements — crypto, gaming and sociality. The intersection of these industries makes a perfect combination of MyRichFarm. We aim to embody decentralization as an ideal of infinite imagination and abundant life.

In the future version of MyRichFarm, players could control their own 3D characters to interact with others. They can build families with someone you love , go to clubs with your mates, mine for tokens and make friends all around the world. Players can not only applaud the beautiful NFT decorations of others, but also display their own NFTs and personal value on the stage . The player who has the largest group of fans could have substantial rewards. And meanwhile, he/she is qualified to participate the designing and presell of new NFTs.

Farm NFTs

The farm is the irreplaceable land in MyRichFarm, presented in the form of NFT. There is a total of 150, 000 farms coming with 4 different rarities spread over here. They are the physical space in the metaverse used to create NFTs for mining RCH tokens.The farms will come with random landscapes and components, and could be either sold or rented to other players by its owner.


Income :4-8 RCH/day


Income :22-29 RCH/day


Income :142-170 RCH/day


Area : 144hm²
Income : 382-452 RCH/day

Players need to have Avatar NFTs as the ticket for Fun Zone. Avatar NFTs in the form of blind box, is available for purchase in Store. It can also be obtained by drawing tickets (from farm purchase) or trading in the Marketplace (the third-party market will be possible).

The original UI in Fun Zone will be replaced by a 3D interface where players can move their Avatars NFTs and see others as well. The betting gameplay in Fun Zone will present as 3D “equipment” and players could interact with them when walking nearby.

Players will get the corresponding avatar profile, its full image and info after the avatar is created. Players can own multiple Avatars and freely change the owned Avatars.

Fun Zone


Slots is one of the mini games in Fun Zone and there will be more similar games in the future. Here you can bet with small amounts for winning great fortunes!


We plan to allocate the tokens to 4 parts using smart contracts to ensure the MyRichFarm’s success will bring value to RCH. In this way, we could supportthe players’ ecosystem and acquire the resource for market growth and more quality games.


"DeFi+GameFi+SociaFi" is MyRichFarm's economic pattern to meet players' diverse demands.




-Company leader; decision maker
-Co-funder of DeFi project, senior player of Web3.0
Full Stack Engineer
-Software engineer
-Member of the team developing 3A game
-Three years experience of GameFi
-Familiar with block chain and smart contract
-Help MyRichFarm achieving the goal of DeFi & SocialFi
Team Leader
-Company leader; decision maker
-Co-funder of DeFi project, senior player of Web3.0
Game Developer
-Game Designer; responsible for designing the whole game model
-Senior crypto currency player, focus on Bitcoin research since 2014